The Mill is almost as well know for its fine music, as it is for it’s fine food.

Live performances are a treat that few will forget, and in-between those

Precious occasions the restaurant has a great sound system to add to

the enjoyment of every visit. 


At the request of so many here is a list of music that we play


This List will be added to as I find time, so please check back

There are hundreds of Albums that are played at The Mill, and I hope to

eventually list them all.


Artist                                           Album        


Craig Chaquico                                    A thousand pictures

Chris Spheeris                                      Dancing with the Muse

Chris Spheeris                                      Culture

Chris Spheeris                                      Euros

Chris Spheeris          

    & Anthony Mazzella                         Brio

Chris Spheeris

    &  Paul Voudouris                          Europa

Anthony Mazzella                                  Unity

Ancient Future                                     Dreamchaser

Oscar Lopez                                        Gypsy Passion - New Flamenco

Mark Hunton                                           Annapurna-Towering Sky

David Lanz                                             Christofori's Dream

David Lanz & PaulSpeer                     Natural States

Loreena McKennitt                                Book of Secrets

Govi                                                        Seventh Heaven

Michael Gettel                                       Skywatching

Michael Gettel                                       The Key

Andreas Vollenweider                          Down To The Moon

Narada Collection                                 Hidden Beauty

Vytoria Keating                                     Things that fall from the Sky

David Friedman                                    Moonrise

Shadowfax                                           The Dreams of Children

Jesse Cook                                          Tempest

Jim Brickman                                        Picture This

Patrick O'hearn                                    Ancient Dreams

Patrick O'hearn                                    Trust

Patrick O'hearn                                    Metaphor

Patrick O'Hearn                                   Between Two Worlds

Michael Gettel                                      Winter 

I Ching                                                  Symphony

Peter Buffet                                          Yonnondio

Peter Buffett                                         The Waiting

Peter Buffet                                          Spirit Dance

David Lanz and Paul Speer                Bridge of Dreams

Davol                                                     Nature Of The Beast

Michael Hedges                                    Breakfast in the Field

Michael Hedges                                    Aerial Boundaries

Mark Isham                                            Tibet

Mark Isham                                            Vapor Drawings

Richard Souther                                    Illumination

Johannes Linstead                                 Kiss the Earth

Karunesh                                                Nirvana Café

David Arkenstone                               In The Wake of The Wind

David Arkenstone                                 Return of the Guardians

Nicholas Gunn                                     SacredFire

Ray  Lynch                                                    The Sky of Mind

Narada                                                 Wilderness Collection

Narada                                                 Alma De Sur

Narada                                                 Sampler II

Narada                                                 Volume 5

 EricTingstad, Nancy Rumbel

         & David Lanz                              Woodlands

Windham Hill Artists                             A Winter's Solstice V



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